Places to visit – “Believe it or not” “Che tu ci creda o no” in italian is a project that includes all those videos of religious places or with religious features that are really worth visiting, whether you are a believer or not. There are some very fascinating and wonderful places that you may not have heard of but that you should visit, for one reason or another.

This project aims to make these environments known to people of all kinds, “Believe it or not,” and proposes places to visit from time to time different and with unique characteristics. It was born during the collaboration with the Italian Religious Hospitality Association, which through its portal makes its projects known in Italy. In the portal you can find other videos about accommodation facilities.

In the videos you will see an overview of images and shots of the place to visit with anecdotes and information about the place. It is important to look at the images and understand what environment you are talking about, but it is equally important to receive some more written information.

These are sacred places, hermitages, monasteries, paths and other places to visit for pure beauty, faith, spirituality, pleasure or curiosity. No matter who you are or what you do or what you believe, these places are worth seeing.

Below is the project logo.

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