Places to visit in Italy – Sacro Monte – Varese

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Places to visit in Italy - Sacro Monte Varese

Are you a believer? Are you Catholic? Buddhist? Hindu? Muslim? Are you an atheist? Whatever your are, you have to visit the “Sacro Monte in Varese“. This is one of the places to visit in Italy. For sure.

You have to visit it all. You don’t need to be religious to enjoy the beauty, serenity, culture and history of this place. I’ve been there so many times and the effect it has on me is always the same. You never get tired of Sacro Monte. The walk on the pebble uphill, the chapels and the atmosphere that you breathe are a symptom of mental serenity, of relaxation. This place is for anyone who loves peace and the open air.

Start from the first chapel and follow a climb of about 2km until you reach the village of Santa Maria del Monte, passing by the 14 chapels. The Sanctuary of Santa Maria del Monte is considered the 15th chapel. The route tells the mysteries of the rosary and the chapels are all architecturally different. Just before the village you can visit the “Casa Museo Pogliaghi“, a beautiful villa/museum designed by Lodovico Pogliaghi himself, which houses many works of art and is surrounded by an Italian garden. Once you reach the village you must wander in the ancient alleys and pass to drink or eat something in the historical restaurants and bars of Sacro Monte.

The choice is wide, I know it. There are many places to visit in Italy. Every corner is a unique beauty. But this magical place deserves to be visited! Take a tour of the Sacred Mount of Varese, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2003!

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