Valganna Waterfalls – Varese

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Valganna Wateralls - Varese

The Olona River has 3 springs. One of these gives rise to the Valganna Waterfalls. It dates back to the beginning of the last century.

The Campo dei Fiori Park is characterized by the presence of a particular rock, travertine.

It is at least 300.000 years old. In all this time a block has formed about 20 meters high and 50 meters wide that houses fauna and mosses.

Travertine blocks

The waterfalls sometimes freeze and becomes a tourist attraction.

In addition to the small cave that surrounds the waterfall, there are also blocks of travertine, which is under the Campo dei Fiori Park protection.

After the short tunnel begins the Val Fredda, which connects to the Valganna through 2 waterfalls of about 12 meters.
The place is as spectacular as it is little known. The stream that forms the two jumps has clean water, while near it reproduces the yellow-black salamander. The area is a natural monument.

It is a must see. I strongly recommend to go for a walk and maybe take some photos of this beautiful natural phenomenon. There is a large open space where you can stop by car and take all the time necessary to admire the site. It is an area of passage, to reach Luino, for example, coming from Varese. For the people from Varese, Valganna is famous, but not everyone knows its natural manifestations.

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