Blaze in Varese

Blaze in Varese - Varese Lake
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Blaze in Varese

The woods around Varese are burning. Mount Martica is on fire. Another blaze in Varese. The drama recurs.

Yes, because a short time ago the flames hit the Campo dei Fiori, a wonderful park, characterized by deciduous forests, where there are chestnut trees, beeches, firs and many other flora. Wild boars, fallow deer, roe deer, hares and other animals are the inhabitants of this territory and escapes.

A tragedy for our “garden city“. Because Varese is famous for this. It is surrounded by greenery. Our “garden city” sees its gardens burning! It is as if Rome “the eternal city” were being deprived little by little of its time.

When will all this end?

The photo shows a swan on Lake Varese. Its beauty, elegance, peace in its habitat. Above him there is smoke. A cloud of smoke, coming from Mount Martica, which continues to burn. It’s sad, very sad.

There have been many interventions to stop the flames. The wind these days has been an enemy. By feeding the fire, he pushed it and expanded it more and more. For days the skies of Varese were crossed by Canadairs.

After a hard battle, thanks to the men on the front line, we should have won.

In the hope that it will not be repeated again, we thank all those who have worked to control the fire.

Varese is our home.

Surrounded by nature.

A nature that must remain intact.

Let us preserve it.

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