3 days in Stockholm in winter

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3 days in Stockholm in winter.

You guys go to Sweden!
Trust me!
Let me explain why.

I’ve visited Stockholm from  the 27th to 31st of December with a friend (who has had great patience … because his friend (me), stopped every 5 minutes to film something or play with the drone). It’s fabulous! 3 days in Stockholm are enough to enjoy the city to the full.
A unique city where everything works perfectly. From transport to the most trivial services.

The beauty of the light in Stockholm. You have to see it.

The sunset in winter is at 2:30/3:00 p.m. and it leaves you breathless. The sun rises around 8:30 a.m. There are not many hours of daylight but if you are organized you can make the most of it by visiting the parks and neighborhoods of the city. I recommend leaving museums and interior spaces visits for the evening.

The city is divided into neighborhoods and even if the names seem difficult, understanding the area of the neighborhood is intuitive (north=norr, south=söder, west=väst, east=öst)

Gamla Stan, the old town. The heart of Stockholm.
Norrmalm. North of Gamla Stan.
Södermalm. South of Gamla Stan.
Djurgården. East of Gamla Stan. A large park full of attractions.
Östermalm. North-east of the old town. The most luxurious and elegant part of the city.
Vasastan. North-west of Gamla Stan.

Here is my trip and tips for optimizing 3 days in Stockholm:


Day 1.

We tried to wake up early, but it didn’t work… because we arrived late the night before and we drank a couple of beers. So we woke up at 09:30… we had a shower. We had a breakfast. We were out at 10:30. We were in the station area, in a very nice hotel called “First Hotel” in Norrmalm. The choice was very good, both for the convenience of transport to the airports, and as an area (in the middle of it all).
We took a long walk from our base to Södermalm, passing Gamla Stan. I’m not going into many detail because the beauty of the trip is also the discovery. Take the first day to visit the old town and a neighborhood of your choice among others. Try the deer meat in one of the restaurants in the old town! We, the “bar fans”, took a tour of Östermalm and got to know some of the most popular places. I recommend the Grand Escalier and Nosh and Chow.

Day 2.

We dedicated the second day to Djurgården, a beautiful park a few steps from the center. It’s big, very big and it’s nice to shoot it all. Take some time. We woke up a bit earlier. Well done! It’s not easy being around so much even at night and wake up early. To get to Djurgården we took electric scooters (great means of transport, convenient, fast, cheap). Inside the park you will find various museums and attractions. We visited the Nordic Museum. You must try the Swedish meatballs returning to the hotel in one of the restaurants or pubs in Östermalm or Norrmalm. After dinner we’ve spent some time in Södermalm, full of local Hypster style. Go and have a drink at Paradiso, both restaurant and bar. Very interesting.

Day 3.

We took our time, we went out late and we didn’t see much
daylight. It’s time for Norrmalm. The northern part of the city is very close to our place. We went to the Filmstaden Sergel which has an underground market, interesting to visit. We also visited a small island called Skeppsholmen where there is a hostel inside a sailing ship (Af Chapman). Original idea! Next time I’ll book there! As the evening was getting closer we went to Norrmalm and ate grilled meat at the Drottninghof. It’s worth it! Very tired and satisfied we returned to the hotel. The return pflight was at 7:00 in the morning and the alarm clock was scheduled for 4:00. Exhausting!

Unfortunately we had to leave the city but our 3 days in Stockholm were more than positive. The people are friendly, the means of transport are excellent and the places (including locales, restaurants and parks) are wonderful.

Practical tips:

  • Use electric scooters (there are bike lanes all over the city, they are fast, they don’t cost much and you will get a chance to see the city, unlike the subway).
  • Wake up early! Take advantage of time and daylight! Learn from my mistakes!
  • Eat local specialties. They cook well!
  • Take a hotel or hostel in the Norrmalm area, close to the station, comfortable and close to everything, especially if you have to wake up early to go to the airport!

Don’t let the cold scare you away. Visit Stockholm even in winter!

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