Sailing Holiday – Sicily 2018

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Sailing Holiday - Sicily 2018

The pretext for this sailing holiday was the wedding in Sicily of a friend.

“While we’re going, let’s do it right!”

A week before the wedding we rented a sailboat and in 7 friends we set sail from Palermo to do a nice tour of 7 days and make our sailing holiday. The best possible holiday at a reduced cost, to disprove all those who think it is a luxury holiday. The rental of the boat has had a cost of approximately 300 euros per person, which means means means of transport and accommodation included, because you sleep on the boat. You have to calculate the food, extras and the plane to the destination, but I assure you that for the quality of the holiday the total amount is nothing.

Once signed the documentation, we boarded and set sail from Palermo, in the direction of Terrasini, our first destination. There we spent the first night after visiting the village. The next day we sailed to San Vito Lo Capo passing by the Gypsy Reserve and stopping here and there for a swim in the different coves. Wonderful! The night in San Vito Lo Capo was full of culinary tastings. The next day we reached Trapani, another wonderful city. From there we sailed to the Egadi Islands, visiting Favignana and Levanzo. The images speak for themselves and I don’t want to bore you with words. We made the reverse turn with some variables returning to Palermo a week after departure. Finally, I recommend a sailing holiday in Sicily to anyone who loves the sea and new experiences. Just a good company and a minimum of organization, a word of disorganized and disordered!

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